Marketing means many different things to many people. To some, it’s a chore, to some its an art. To all, it is necessary to advance your business.

Pro Landscaper Connect has rounded up a selection of advertising options to consider.

Print advertising

For business to business marketing in niche trades, print advertising should still be a vital cog in your marketing plans. 

Using trusted trade publications such as Pro Landscaper will put your branding and message in front of your core target audience.

Statistics show you should consider a series of adverts before you see a considerable return on investment.

Chances are too, if you book a series of half- or full-page adverts, you will get them at a better rate than if you were to book a one off.

Digital advertising

To run alongside a print campaign, a button ad or a banner ad on a leading trade media website would be perfect.

Pro Landscaper averages around 4,000 weekly page views on the website. Website buttons and banners usually run for a calendar month. That means that a potential 20,000 people, along with the readers of the trade magazines, will see your brand!

Email marketing

There may be a crossover between the print and digital database that means in that 20,000, some may see your brand twice (that’s actually a positive – it takes an average of 12 ‘connections’ before a client buys from you).

But most media companies offer access to a huge database of email addresses. Each one will be relevant to your business.

These databases could have 15,000 email addresses on them. Each one of these email addresses are on the database because they want relevant information. Happy days!

Social Media

Social media is not a new craze. Facebook launched in 2004. Before that, people were using MySpace, or MSN messenger to keep up with what was going on.

These days, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook rule the internet’s airwaves. What you should do is have an account on each of these, posting images, videos and updates on a regular basis.

Your potential clients will get an insight into what you offer by seeing your posts when they open their apps.