Pro Landscaper Connect is a brand-new research, data and marketing company, backed up by the landscape industry’s leading media brands.

We’re going to go back in time here. We’ll look at the history of Pro Landscaper, FutureScape and other events launched from the back of those brands. Don’t worry, it will all make sense at the end of this post.

Pro Landscaper launched in 2011. It was a tough time for landscaping. Most councils were taking their grounds maintenance contract in house.

The public weren’t spending a lot of money, especially on a service like a new garden.

Businesses in this sector, as with many other markets, were struggling.

But Eljays44, a family run business, decided to use this market to launch their first brand since starting the business. The business was created in May 2011. By the September of that year, the circulation had been collected and the tone of the magazine had been decided.

Pro Landscaper data

Pro Landscaper originally hit the desks of 3,500 industry professionals. These were a mix of garden designers, commercial and domestic landscapers, and grounds maintenance companies.

At the same time as the magazine, Pro Landscaper created the Friday Wrap – a weekly round up of all the latest news from the previous 7 days, sent straight to the inbox of 12,000 named email addresses.

And this is the basis on which Pro Landscaper Connect was created. As the circulation grew, naturally, so did our database.


Fast forward to November 2012. Thanks to the success of Pro Landscaper, and the way it integrated itself deep into the market, FutureScape was launched. FutureScape was the industry’s first one day trade only event, purely focused on our core market of garden designers, landscapers and grounds maintenance teams.

The idea was to bring the magazine to life – the seminars were focused on bettering business, as was the articles in pro Landscaper.

Year one saw 35 exhibitors and a better-than-expected 400 visitors attend the show. Year two saw a double in size. There has been a constant increase in visitor and exhibitor numbers to FutureScape. 2017 saw 200 exhibitors and 2,000 industry professionals at Sandown Park Racecourse for the event.

FutureScape has collected data from each visitor, allowing Pro Landscaper Connect’s database to grow even further.

How can Pro Landscaper Connect help?

With this in mind, Pro Landscaper Connect has the largest, most engaged database of landscaping industry professionals, all willing to interact with brands they trust.

You’d be silly not to explore the opportunities this offers you.

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