Social media is everywhere. Chances are, it’s the first thing a potential client of yours looks at when they get to their desk. It may even be the first thing they look at when they wake up!
For many people now, social media is where they first find the daily news. It’s where they will go to when they want to raise a point with a supplier.
Those two there are reasons enough for you to invest some of your time creating your businesses social media accounts.

Build a credible reputation

By having a regularly updated twitter profile, you can showcase your outstanding products to your following.
Let’s face it, in the landscaping industry, professionals are always looking for the next big thing when it comes to materials.
But what you could do with this when showcasing your innovative products, is act like the experts you are. This will encourage your followers, your potential customers, to interact with you.
Equally though, by having a twitter profile, you can react quickly to any problems or issues your clients face.
If one of your clients is having an issue with a late delivery, they may take to twitter to complain. This isn’t something you want people to see when it comes to your business.
But, on the plus side, it gives you a fantastic opportunity to rectify the situation publicly. A lot of the time, a problem isn’t a problem if you deal with it efficiently.
Your potential clients will be more inclined to use you if they see problems are solved.

Attract potential clients

Instagram is fantastic for this. Everyone knows that Instagram is a great shop window. It may not necessarily reflect real life, but it inspires the imagination of the creative people you’re targeting.
Use your grid to show of your products in the best possible light. Give your potential clients a reason to get excited about your products.
That’s what it’s there for. But, you can get your company’s personality across using Instagram. The story option is fantastic for this. It’s not permanent, it disappears in 24 hours, so it’s a great way to show off the fun side of your company.
Are you having an office bake-off? Use the story setting to show that your company is made up of human beings. Have one of your client’s dogs visiting? Again, use the story to show a human side.

Connect with like-minded companies

There are many companies vying for your potential clients’ trade. But, if you team up with a supplier in a different category, they may have some solutions to your issues, and you to theirs. By using social media, it gives you year-round access (not just at shows like FutureScape!) to your contacts going through the same things as you.
By doing this, you may see your referral business sky rocket.

Drive traffic to your website from your social media channels

Finally, one of the best things about your social media channels is that it can drive traffic to your online shop, your website.
Twitter is great for this – can include hyperlinks in your tweets so if a follower sees something they like, within seconds, they are on your website. Your web marketing then needs to attract them to enquire, or buy directly, but that’s for a different post!