In the technology-era that we are currently enjoying, hearing other people’s testimonials showcasing their interaction with a company is what drives people to purchase.

It’s very rare that someone purchases a product or a service without browsing the internet for reviews. $6 trillion of annual consumer spend can be accounted for by word of mouth marketing, and people are 90% more likely to trust and buy from a brand recommended by a friend.

Pro Landscaper Connect has rounded up the best ways to ask your satisfied clients for a referral.

Provide a template

When asking for testimonials, it’s important that you’re mindful of how busy your clients are.

Rather than ask and hope that they find the time to follow through, be more proactive in your approach by eliminating some of the heavy lifting for them.

Offer incentives to generate testimonials

By offering a free gift, or a chance to enter a prize draw, you may well see more testimonials trickling in. What about a free coffee? Most of your clients will probably believe that a coffee on you is worth taking two minutes to fill in your pre-made testimonial template.

Ask when a client is praising you

When a client is telling you how well you’ve done, or how good your product is, ask them outright. After all, it’s not good for your business for them to tell you that is it?

If you’re in your office and you’re on the phone, it may be worth investing in a cheap call recorder (we use them at PLC HQ for interviews and they’re great!) and having it plugged in.

Just as they start talking about your business and your success, ask politely if you can record this for marketing purposes. The chances are, they will agree. You will then be able to transcribe and add to your website for the world to see, without the client doing any work.

Exceed expectations

The best way to generate a positive review is by going above the expectations placed on you. Act in a positive, professional manner, communicate clearly if you foresee any issues, and offer ways to work around them.

Share work on social media

Ask permission first, but a testimonial could be a simple as a comment on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook from a delighted customer after you’ve showcased your product in their garden. Respond with a simple thank you very much, and you’re all done.